Dáithí Mac Bhurrais

Last night I found out that a former online friend of mine had slipped away from this life without my knowing it. I canny begin to tell you the sadness this has settled around my shoulders. I didna even know he was gone. This is because, for me, he had left earlier, and I had had to realise that people come into our lives like shooting stars. Their brilliance and warmth stays but a short time as they make their way through the sky. But we are forever changed by them. We are never the same again. Our hearts are filled with tiny sparks from their spirits that ignite great flames of passion and love. Then it is our job to go out into the world and be the light for others as well -- just as we have been taught.

Dáithí Mac Bhurrais, thank you for imparting to the world your fenian faith, and thank you for your friendship. And my thanks to your family for sharing you with all of us. You were truly a shooting star.

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