Kieran Doherty and Kevin Lynch

I try to remember every year the important dates of the Hunger Strike, but I don't always get things posted in order. Some people might say, well, there is enough on the net that it doesn't need re-doing all the time or we have all read it before anyway so why keep putting it up, but I disagree because unless you keep their memories fresh in your mind, you will forget how it was and still is and there will grow up whole generations who are not familiar at all with the sacrifices these men made for the principles they believed in.

Today in 1981 would mark the 15th day of Kevin Lynch on Hunger Strike and the 16th day Of Kieran Doherty.

"On Friday, 22 May 1981, Kieran Doherty replaced Raymond McCreesh on hunger strike. Almost immediately, Kieran was put forward for the Dail elections. On 11 July, he was elected TD for Cavan/Monaghan. Some thought that this would get the Irish government into action. Kieran was under no such delusions."

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"THE EIGHTH republican to join the hunger-strike for political status, on May 23rd, following the death of Patsy O'Hara, was twenty-five-year-old fellow INLA Volunteer Kevin Lynch from the small, North Derry town of Dungiven who had been imprisoned since his arrest in 1976.

A well-known and well liked young man in the closely-knit community of his home town, Kevin was remembered chiefly for his outstanding ability as a sportsman, and for qualities of loyalty, determination and a will to win which distinguished him on the sports field and which, in heavier times and circumstances, were his hallmarks as an H-Block blanket man on hunger strike to the death."

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